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At SOFIPA, we firmly believe that excellence in governance is essential for the success and sustainability of our organization. Our governance practices are a distinctive strength that guides all our operations and strategic decisions.

We focus on transparency, ethics, and responsibility, working in harmony to meet high standards of conduct. We foster a culture of integrity and accountability, protecting the interests of shareholders, employees, and all stakeholders.

Our strong Corporate Governance framework enables us to make informed and equitable decisions, ensuring the rights and participation of all involved. Keeping at the forefront of best practices in governance is a constant commitment to generate value and trust at every step.

We understand that effective governance is the foundation of our future, and we are proud to share our initiatives and achievements in this area. Thank you for being part of our journey towards excellence in Corporate Governance at SOFIPA.

Corporate Governance Structure

At SOFIPA, as a financial entity, we understand the fundamental importance of having solid corporate governance for the success and sustainability of our organization. Our Corporate Governance structure is designed to ensure transparency, ethics, and responsibility in all our operations and strategic decisions.

Shareholders Assembly
as the Supreme Authority

The Shareholders Assembly represents the supreme decision-making body in SOFIPA. In their regular meetings, our shareholders actively participate in key decisions, such as the election of the Board of Directors and the approval of policies and strategies essential for the company´s future. We value and respect the importance of our shareholders participation, as their voice is a fundamental pillar for the growth and development of our organization.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is another key component of our Corporate Governance. As the second most important body, its fundamental role is the management of the company and the supervision of executive management. It consists of independent directors and representatives of the shareholders, ensuring balanced and objective decision-making, always looking out for the interests of all parties involved in the company. Moreover, the Board actively promotes the adoption of best practices and the safeguarding of our business integrity culture.

Company Commissioner

The Company Commissioner plays a key role in our governance framework. As an independent figure, its mission is to ensure the transparency and legality of our operations. Reporting directly to the Shareholders Assembly, the Commissioner conducts regular audits to ensure compliance with current regulations and preserve the integrity of SOFIPA.

Support Committees

In pursuit of effective governance, we have established 6 support committees to the Board of Directors, each with specific functions and responsibilities:

Audit Committee

Responsible for overseeing the quality of financial information and the processes of internal and external auditing. This committee ensures the accuracy and reliability of our financial reports.

Risk Committee

Responsible for identifying, evaluating, and mitigating the operational, financial, liquidity, credit, strategic, and other risks faced by our company. This committee helps us protect our interests and proactively address potential challenges.

Ethics Committee

Its function is to promote and ensure compliance with ethical principles and business conduct at SOFIPA. This committee is essential to maintaining the integrity and unbreakable reputation of our company.

Communication and Control Committee

Responsible for monitoring and compliance with our company's obligations regarding money laundering and terrorist financing prevention. - Corporate Governance Committee: Responsible for continually assessing and improving our governance framework, ensuring alignment with best practices and international standards.

Corporate Governance Committee

Responsible for continually assessing and improving our governance framework, ensuring alignment with best practices and international standards.

Nominations and Remunerations Committee

Responsible for evaluating and proposing members of the Board of Directors and ensuring their remunerations are fair and competitive.

General Management

The General Manager plays a crucial role in our Corporate Governance structure. Its main responsibility is to lead the execution of the strategy approved by the Board of Directors and manage the company´s day-to-day operations. Coordinating the efforts of all teams, it ensures that our operations align with corporate objectives and maintains the highest standards of excellence in all our financial activities.

At SOFIPA, we are strongly committed to efficient and transparent corporate governance, as we believe it is fundamental to achieving sustainable success and generating trust among all our stakeholders. If you have any questions or would like more information about our Corporate Governance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are delighted to share the details of our practices and principles that guide our decision-making at SOFIPA, a leading company in the financial sector.


Governance Practices

“Our governance practices are based on a solid model of 6 pillars that incorporate the best practices of good corporate governance at both national and international levels:

These pillars are the foundation that guides our financial operations and allows us to maintain high standards in the development of our business, thereby guaranteeing greater trust and satisfaction for our customers and shareholders.”


Governance Certifications

“We are proud to share that since February 29, 2020, we have been awarded the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION OF GOVERNANCE AND FINANCIAL INCLUSION, granted by the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) and BIM Asset Management. This certification recognizes our commitment to the highest standards of BEST PRACTICES IN CORPORATE GOVERNANCE, thus demonstrating our dedication to excellence in the financial field.

In addition, on October 27, 2022, we are pleased to report that we have renewed our QUALITY IN GOVERNANCE certification granted by the GIF (Governance and Financial Inclusion), reaffirming our ongoing commitment to transparency, ethics, and efficiency in our operations.

These certifications reflect our firm purpose to provide solid and reliable service to our customers, and to strengthen our position in the financial sector with a focus centered on the excellence of corporate governance.”

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