Who are we?

We are SOFIPA, a financial institution committed to fostering and supporting micro, small, and
medium-sized enterprises. Our specialization lies in providing financial solutions for ventures and economic activities in these sectors.

Our history

Our history originates from the challenges that the southeastern region of our country has historically faced: high rates of poverty and marginalization, education and infrastructure gaps, and limitations in basic services, which have hindered its development. In this context, financial inclusion has been one of the main challenges, exacerbated by the scarcity of specialized financial services for low-income individuals.

This led to the establishment of SOFIPA in February 2004, with the mission to develop innovative financial solutions that promote productive activities for low-income individuals, thereby
contributing to regional development and financial inclusion for the unbanked sector of our country. Since then, our history has been shaped by several key milestones:


Línea de Tiempo

We founded SOFIPA on February 16, with a business model focused on the development of micro and small entrepreneurs, with a strong social orientation and cooperative principles of solidarity and mutual aid.

Our organizational strength, ethical business practices of transparency, and honest work enabled us to overcome the severe global financial crisis that impacted our country until 2011.

To promote the growth of women micro-entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs, we launched our group credit program “CREDI-IMPULSO MUJER,” based on the principles of communal banking methodology.

We presented our new brand image “SOFIPA: The value is our people,” reflecting our belief in putting people at the center of our priorities.

We transformed our legal entity to become a Multiple Purpose Financial Society, Unregulated Entity (SOFOM ENR), allowing us to be a more innovative, agile, and versatile company.

We created our individual credit division and launched our brand “MASBISNE – Quick Credit for your business.”

We officially started our digital transformation with the launch of our project AMELIE, aiming to improve, digitize, and automate processes to increase our efficiency and enhance customer service.

We launched our commercial brand “SOFIPA: Empowering the power of your hands,” with the objective of strengthening the presence of our group credit division, always with a focus on maintaining excellent communication and empathy with our clients, women entrepreneurs.

We implemented our credit Origination platform “MiOfi” in our two credit divisions, achieving the first major milestone in the digital transformation of our company.

Today, despite the changes and challenges we have faced, at SOFIPA, we maintain our mission and focus on serving and delivering value to the market segment at the base of the pyramid, keeping our principles of service vocation, mutual aid, and solidarity as fundamental pillars of our DNA.

Vision 2026

“To be a leading company in popular finance, reliable and profitable, serving more than 150,000 families.”

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for families through timely and innovative financial solutions.

Our values
We respect human dignity.
We are honest, always doing the right thing.
We have a passion for service.
We collaborate and work as a team.
SOFIPA hexalogue
We prioritize the customer.
We carry out our work with passion and pride.
We fulfill our promises.
We take care of the company´s resources as if they were our own.
We seek quality and efficiency in everything we do.
We have a passion for change, creativity, and innovation.

Filosofia Empresarial

Visión 2026

Mapa de México
To be a benchmark in popular finance, driving the development of our clients and collaborators, ensuring financial profitability through innovation and service excellence.

Our Values

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