Organizational Culture

At SOFIPA, our organizational culture is centered around a simple but powerful premise: “We are people supporting people in achieving their dreams.” Throughout our 19-year history, we have built a specialized financial institution in microloans, but our success goes beyond our methodologies and processes; it lies in the quality of our people.

We firmly believe that our people are the heart of our organization and are essential for achieving our results, goals, and objectives. That´s why we invest in Talent Management, fostering an environment where each team member finds a space to grow, develop, and contribute their best version.

At SOFIPA, the individual is at the core of our values and philosophy. We work with an approach based on human principles, going beyond basic responsibilities, ensuring safe working conditions, respect for human and labor rights, and promoting inclusion and diversity.

We strive to create safe working environments, free from discrimination and harassment, where the well-being of our employees translates into happiness, job satisfaction,personal development, and a balanced life.

Gender equality is a value we strongly promote, ensuring equal opportunities for men and women, and fostering the economic and personal development of all, regardless of their gender, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnic characteristics.

Our actions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on the health and well- being of our team members and their families, promoting decent work and economic development, and creating an inclusive culture that maximizes the value of each individual.

At SOFIPA, we believe in family integration, civic participation, and the culture of legality. We work together with our allies and partners to promote a more equitable and just society, respecting human rights and taking care of our environment.

If you´re looking to be part of an organization that supports and values its people, where development opportunities are equal for all, and where well-being and inclusion are fundamental pillars, then we invite you to join our team.

At SOFIPA, together we are more than a financial institution. We are a family that drives the growth and dreams of each person who is part of it. We look forward to continuing to support and achieve dreams together!

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